Cacao Superfood Latte Blend - Box of 10

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On the go? Detoxify with a Black Cacao Latte!

Each box of Sutra Superfood Black Cacao Latte contains 10 Individual On-The-Go Superfood Sticks

Enjoy hot or cold!

-can be made with hot-water, non-dairy milk, or added to your favorite smoothie!

Servings Per Container: 10


  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - May remove harmful toxins 
  • RAW CACAO - May release endorphins, increase blood flow to the brain, and boost magnesium
  • RED REISHI MUSHROOM - May reduce emotional and physical exhaustion and promote focus and alertness
  • STEVIA - Zero calorie anti-inflammatory natural plant-based sweetener 
  • SEA SALT - A vital electrolyte that may help optimize muscle and nerve function
  • VANILLA - May protect immune system and lower stress 
  • CINNAMON - High in antioxidants and may boost metabolism
  • CAYENNE - May naturally increase energy levels and elevate mood 
  • COCONUT MILK - Fatigue-fighting electrolytes and MCTs may increase energy

Handmade in Woodbury, New York

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